Appearance of Lord Jagannatha : The Merciful Lord of the Universe

Radhamohan Das
Contd from previous issue
Otherwise, how would it be possible that king Indradyumna, the emblem of perseverance could have lost his patience and broken his word. Narada Muni also confirmed that brahmana Ananta Maharana was Visvakarma, the master architect of demigods, in disguise.
The creation of the divine forms as Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Subhadra Rani was not accidental. The Lord demonstrates the true purport of the Vedas. Narada Muni also confirmed the Lord's wonderful pastime at Kuruksetra. Thus, king Indradyumna was dispelled of his misgivings. King indradyumna performed the sacred installation of the Deities of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Subhadra Rani painted and decorated in black, white and saffron colours respectively.  The king got the blessings of the Lord that the doors of the Lord shall be closed for only three hours every morning and remains opened for the rest of the day for darshan by all people of the world. The king did not keep any descendant to claim for the temple as his own.
The suyaras pujaris were only allowed for the service of Lord Jagannatha. King Indradyumna performed grand installation ceremony of the processional chariots of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Subhadra Rani. King Indradyumna prayed, “O Lord, here we are, Your eternal devotees. O Jagannatha, beholding Your shining moon-face, with large lotus eyes, Your dazzling streaks of tilaka, which flash like lightening upon Your forehead, and Your effulgent body, whose beauty surpasses the bluish autumnal sky, I think that were I granted a life as long as Lord Brahma's, I still could not drink in the full beauty of your vision" Lord Jagannatha is worshipped in clear vision of Sri Sri Syamasundara, the Original Personality of Godhead, holding a flute with the effulgent body of sky bluish colour bending on knees, waist and neck. Lord Jagannatha is the most merciful God in the universe.
Any person who participates in the Rathayatra festival either interestingly or uninterestingly without having any idea of the festival is said to be benefitted. Any person may worship allmerciful Lord Jagannatha from any direction, either from far-off place or side or behind, while the Lord parades in chariot, and he receives the same blessings as that of others who worship Him from the front. Lord Jagannatha welcomes anybody, whether he or she may be a Muslim or a Christian or an outcaste or any adherent of a sect who wishes for His causeless mercy.  Any body of any faith and tradition may seek the blessings of Lord Jaga-nnatha by touching any part of His transcendental body during the chariot procession. Lord Jagannatha, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is being worshipped as Lord Krishna having all His divine potencies merged into Himself, is the maintainer of the whole universe. Just to show His mercy to the conditioned souls, He appears as the Deity through various mediums: earth, stone, jewel, metal, paint, and even within the mind.
 He manifested Himself as Lord Jagannatha from a wooden log. Anyone who tastes even one drop of nectar with his eyes will become. permanently intoxicated with love of God. Lord Jagannatha is the Lord of the Universe, who has redeemed our lives.  May the conditioned souls have the opportunity to take prasa-dam, the remnants of the Lord, hear His glories chanted by the pure devotees, or behold the chariot or chariots during the Rathayatra festival - whe-ther they be pious or most sinful, or any adherent of a sect, whether a muslim or a christian or an outcaste, and receive the most merciful benedictions of Lord Jaga-nnatha, the Lord of the Universe.