Leaving Shani Mandir, Thangal Bazaar

Free Thinker
In the last few years, many important people have started inquiring about the Shani Mandir in Thangal Bazar. Some say it is located in and around Gandhi Avenue; others say it is in Major Khun. All are correct; the increasingly popular Shani Thakur temple is at the junction of Thangal Bazaar, Major Khun, and Gandhi Avenue. A few decades ago there was nothing around the Mandir. Now-a- days  Shani Thakur is surrounded by buildings, shops, and restaurants.  
One  Doctor who was posted to Jiribam wanted to come back to Chandel ,  where his ailing old parents live,  desperately looking for the Shani Mandir in Thangal Bazar. Finally he reached the right destination with the help of the Mandir. Perhaps his work was done.  Similarly , an officer who had been victimised by the high handed superiors has got double promotion with the blessings of people around Shani Dev. The power of the Lord is visible when justice is rendered through humans near Him.
Someone has put up a history about the Shani Thakur of Thangal Bazaar ; it is in the  public domain; it says Churachand Maharaj  brought  an idol of Shani Dev from Rajasthan ;  he wanted to keep it in the Palace along with other deities; but his idea was not endorsed by the his advisors. Then a Mandir was constructed on the bank of  Nambul river  near Ima Keithel. During a flood the temple was swept away. But someone saw the God floating. He gave it to a devotee who took it and set up a small Mandir in Thangal Bazaar . The present deity is perhaps the same Shani Dev brought by Churachand Maharaj from Rajasthan.
When we were young boys, we saw a small Shani Mandir – there was nothing around the temple; empty land, no construction. If I remember correctly it was not inside Major Khun; it was just at the adjoining area between Thangal Bazar and Gandhi Avenue; I may be wrong but my memory is still saying the same thing.
Why has this Mandir become so prominent these days? That is very interesting. We really don’t know;  regular devotees say that before the BJP government there was hardly any heavy vehicular movement around the Mandir; as soon as the BJP government came to power, congestion and crowding started;  the movement of people increased manifold.
One Engineer who was working for some Polish Housing was seriously looking for the Mandir; finally, he landed at the right place, but it was too crowded as it was Saturday or weekend. He could not park his car; ultimately he had to park the car away from the lane; he parked the car along the main road. When he came out he was caught red-handed (with the car) by a VDF fellow and fined for parking like a VIP.
Both city and traffic police are aware of the congestion in the area, but they are helpless because there is hardly any space left for management. It may be suggested that the area around the Mandir be freed from four-wheelers. Then there may be some relief. All four-wheelers including security vehicles may be parked near Gandhi Statue or along the roadsides. The lane should be free from heavy traffic, particularly on Saturdays and weekends.
It is requested of all the VIPs, important officers, Entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, and engineers who are going towards the Shani Mandir to do something about this Mandir. Please apply your mind and work out whether it can be expanded  Or whether it can be redesigned and reconstructed; how to make it more beautiful etc.  Traffic regulation on Saturdays and weekends is much.  
If important persons are present in and around the Mandir security may be beefed up accordingly. It will certainly help the pilgrims and devotees too.  When there was a security breach in the area, the then in-charge of security was pulled up and adequately warned to remain alert. That kind of attention is not required. But a proper vigilant squad will do the needful without roving cameras. In a day only 24 hours security service is required - nothing more.  Some Central agencies may be deployed if the local police are tired of doing such nagging duty.  Somehow the importance of the Shani Mandir has been enhanced by the successive BJP Government; the Mandir people are really happy; now the Shani Mandir is a well-known place among the citizens of the State. Every visitor belonging to any community or religion including the high & mighty may take the blessings from the Lord who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, measuring the karma of the mortals. It will hardly take a few minutes for an orison of Shani Dev, the Lord of Justice.
Let the reference and reverence of Shani Thakur be continued; what is the need for shifting, when the blessings are showing day and night? Leaving the Godly site for a Government Accommodation!