Asking to believe as we receive

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Ask, Believe, Receive- this the exact entire sequence of manifesting what you want in life. All the time in life, it is not just about hard work!  When we speak about manifestation, it’s a phenomenon that makes our ideas and thoughts turn into the symphony which the Universe plays to us. The Bible says: “With god all things are possible”. Which essentially means that when you know exactly what you want – You “Ask” and when you “Believe” you have faith and trust that you have already received it. The mindset, heart-set and soul-set of your being should be in the action that what you have desired is already yours. This means if you want to be rich- act rich, feel rich, behave rich and most importantly have an attitude that a rich person has. Then finally “Receive” which means you have the feeling of gratitude. When the Universe works for you- you can’t see magic that is happening for you. So, even if you broke your hand, or you were bitten by a spider, or you lost all your money – all this has a reason! The green room preparations are going on- the stage is set for you.
If this was all so simple- you would think- I just have to wish and I will receive it. Well the answer is Yes! When you believe in this magic with all your heart it's certainly possible. But, there is one catch- you stop using your own factual and pragmatic brain which tells you and gives you a hundred reasons of how it cannot be done- You have to believe in the lyrics, beats and the music score of the Universe even if you don’t like some parts.
Also, do not think that in this process you wouldn’t have to work hard. You will have to work harder than ever because you have surrendered to that someone above you! This someone is the guiding light which will take you places. But we often stop hearing this sound because the noise that our ego makes is way higher in pitch and frequency. And we are attracted to the noise and not the real sound and let it take our attention.
The Universe gives most to those who are grateful. Imagine someone buys a present for you- that person loves you a lot, he/she spends a lot of time selecting that for you, with their heart – they buy it no matter how costly it was and once you receive it- you just say- Umm, well the color isn’t good! I don’t like it. This is what we do when we do not appreciate people and circumstances in life. The Universe loves gratitude. When the Universe gives you something- be grateful. When you are presented with difficulties in life- don’t complain, you are experiencing a beautiful metamorphosis which might take effort and time- but it’s that part which will convert the caterpillar into a butterfly. The priorities in your life might keep changing, the work will increase by the day, people and friends circle will expand- but in that circus- what do we forget- we forget to say Thank you!!
Last but not the least- the most important message in this small piece is- Believe that you already received when you pray. A small exercise you can do – is visualization- Have a clear vision of what you want, a vivid picture in your mind- that you can see in 360 degrees. And then feel it. Imagine that thing with yourself and believe that you have already got it. And say thanks. Example, you want to get married- whomsoever you love – with your eyes closed- imagine being with them, travelling, having food, sharing secrets, in their embrace and what not. Say thanks for this specific person and feel them around you even if nothing exists. This is your world, it might sound weird to you. But have conversations with this imaginary being, go on a dinner date with him/her and so on. And believe you have already received them. That’s it. Let the Universe do the rest of the work.
The issue is that our rational minds tell us all negative thoughts the whole day. We affirm one good thing and the rational mind tells us 20 negative things. Because a rational mind is easier to believe, more tangible- we forget dreaming and believe in what seems perfectly in sync with our fears. For the law of attraction to work- you have to be a little crazy in believing in yourself, surrendering to the Universe and following a guidance which might tell you to do crazier things! Magic happens to those who believe in it.

The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the director of The Oratory Academy, and the founder of International Youth Alliance, based in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected] Watch his motivational videos on YouTube at Live With Bir