AMSTA names State teams for Senior Nationals

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 9 : The All Manipur Sepaktakraw Association (AMSTA) has announced the State men's and women's teams for the 32nd Senior National Sepak Takraw Championships to be held from October 16 to 20 at Jyotimoy Knowledge Park, Tematha Kalikapur, Kolkata.
The names of the players named in the men's squad as per an order issued by AMTSA are L Amarjit (SAI RC), P Happyson (PUC), E Bikash (SWC), W Johnson (MPSC), L Niken (YAWA), T Gopen (MPSC), M Rishikanta (IMSUC), Kh Holendro (MPSC), L John (IMSUC), A Priyojit (MPSC), Th Ingoba (MPSC), H Arunkumar (SAI RC), E Lokhon (SAI RC) and E Amujao.
The players who made it to the women squad are O Jimi (MPSC), E Shilpa (SAI RC), L Mamta (SAI RC), M Jany (SAI RC), Geena AK (MPSC), S Elizabeth (SWC), O Chaoba (SWC), L Sanjana (PUC), M Sandhyarani (PUC), L Usharani (SAI RC), E Priya (SAI RC), W Sanajaobi (PUC), E Olivia (SWC), T Monalisha (SAI RC) and W Pramodini (PUC).
AMSTA also informed all the selected players to report to the general secretary of AMSTA on September 10 at 3 pm at IMSUC ground, Heingang Makha Leikai.