The tale of a forgotten diary

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Everytime I gaze at the sky I see something different. At times, it makes me feel lost. How big the sky is, how much the clouds are but how quickly it disappears once it precipitates. It’s hard to bottle everything that I feel inside me, but when I am lost in a crowded world, it is not about if people will hear but will anyone even take me seriously. I hear voices-voices telling me that I should be honest to myself. Then there comes the other side of me-schooled by this society itself, questioning my security as if nothing is more naked than being honest.
I know this article is going to be a little confusing because the writer himself is already confused with what he wants and what he is good at. Growing up-the definition of success was way different from what I know now. Wait ! I will take you to one of my old diaries. Life as I knew it and life as it happens is just another exam I forgot to prepare for. No man knows less than the man who knows it all– and it is with no ego that I am going to pour out my feelings. Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows.
It’s true that it is sadder to find the past again and find it inadequate to the present than it is to have it elude you and remain forever in an uneven competition of memories. It is with the only acceptance of all the tenses of life–the ultimate joy will shower our existence. I know life is ugly and it's unwilling and hard to accept at times but there comes the patience. I know sometimes I fear mistakes and patience with laziness. Patience is waiting but not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow-that is patience, it’s counting down without blasting off and it carries a lot of wait.
Acceptance is best at work when it’s for yourself. But only with acceptance–you can hand out to others for help. Because we came here to serve, not be served. Be alert to give service-what counts most in life is what we do for others. Doing something for somebody, gladly, will sweeten your every care; In sharing the sorrow of others, your own are less hard to bear. Do something for somebody always, whatever may be your creed. There's nothing on earth that can help you so much as a kind deed. I'm not quite sure what the greatest achievement in a lifetime may be, but I am sure up there at the top of the list somewhere is to give pleasure to others. And it is when we forget ourselves that we do things which will be remembered.
But do we have all the time in the world to do everything for everybody ? Time is another big player in life, or to put it in a different way-time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once. Time spent in getting even would be better spent in getting ahead. And people seem to focus on doing that they love because you love what you find time to do. What a game !
In the midst of these big players–I can’t miss this charm of “Thinking.” Thinking is only a process of talking to yourself. Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary of the talkers who talk. Think twice before you speak, then say it to yourself first. These might seem unlinked because all these players are happening at the same time. You should always try to meet your thoughts because no man can ever be greater than his loftiest thoughts–it will help you grow. Even saying so-think all you speak, but speak not all you think.
You might not change a person right away but you can be the reason for the person to change. There is nothing better than growing together but let me break something. “Chaminnaba haobani”–it’s not always true anymore. Let me modify it, “Chaminnaba haobani, pukti thandabani.” Happiness is overtaken by greed in this world. Well! I feel like my thoughts are getting carried away somewhere, let me piece it all back together again.
Even the greatest was once a beginner, don’t stop yourself from taking the first step. Life has possibilities. Anything is worth trying. Be brave enough in going to the unknown path and learn what you are capable of.  The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the director of The Oratory Academy, and the founder of International Youth Alliance, based in Canada. He can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073 Watch his motivational videos on YouTube at Live With Bir