The different magnitude of footprints

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Who matters to you in life ? There are so many people whom you meet and become acquaintances with but there are few people who actually impact you. These people form your inner circle, the core group which actually has an influence over your choices, decision making and determines how your personality is formed. You collect these people on the way in life. They somewhere down have the same fundamentals and values in life like yours.
Their influences differ according to age but they imprint a lot on your attitude, behavior and personality. The first people who make a difference to you are your family members. You might not be even aware but was your mother happy when you were in the tummy ? How are your parent’s relationships with each other ? Your grandparents smile and neighbors cuddling you and singing you lullabies. All that forms an imprint on you without you even knowing. We are a culmination and by-product of the individual reactions of all these people and also circumstances and situations which determine us.
Later we have teachers whom we want to imitate and there are friends whom we love more than our life. Then there are people in the workplace who make you more professional. Then there comes a phase where you have a nesting instinct, when you want to settle down with someone and have a family. And life goes on like this. But amongst all these people, there are some unknown, uncertain, least expected people whom you would want always around you. Maybe not physically but mentally these people are with us all the time. You might not talk with them 24 hours but whenever you take major decisions in life you are reminded of their value systems inbuilt in you. This core group of people stand with you unconditionally in your thick and thin. You are related to them irrespective of how much education you have, whether you have money or not.
You connect with them at a deeper level that is beyond your parents or friends. This is a mental army you have, whenever the time is not right, you can go back to these people and find shelter.  They might not speak much but whatever they speak gives you a solution which you don’t find speaking with others for hours and hours. The choice of this eternal core group is vital for your progress. This seems to be like a mental shield and an armor you have because battles are won first in the mind and later on ground. These people are like the Generals reporting to you and planning and reaffirming that all your battles are won.  They will give you resolute answers and will always guide you for the best. They know more about you and situations than you yourself. How does this happen? I am not very sure. But it’s a phenomenon which is even agreed on by greater businessmen and influencers. Choose this group wisely.  The people around you physically and mentally make or break your life. Situations and circumstances remain unfair for each individual. Sit down with anyone and they will explain how their life is so imperfect. But our reactions to these situations determine the course of our life. And how we react is 50 % what is us and 50% who is with us. Find them for you are them, to them too.