Prevention is better than cure !!

Phillip Laishram
Prevention is better than cure... This age old adage has been held true for many and all diseases since time immemorial but the only problem was when the illness was not manifested or diagnosed. That aside where we truly need this PREVENTION RATHER THAN CURE is not just confined to physical illness but an alarming malady that's eating into our society.
The moral degradation of our society whether it's with the younger generation or the older ones who are negatively enticed by the degrading trends in their matured years. This has entirely torn into the moral fabric in a very alarming and precarious way.
The recent shocking incident of MMS leaked case of Chandigarh University, Mohalli Campus where a female hosteller student reportedly video recorded objectionable clips of 60 female students while they were not fully dressed or in state of undress  while taking bath and sent it to a male friend and thus became viral.
It is also being reported that 8 out of those victims tried to commit suicide. Utterly shocking which sent shivers to one and all. Yes, the authorities have promised to book all the culprits and give stringent punishment to all involved and I suppose steps have already been taken and arrests have been made. But here it's a big BUT in capital, will the scar or the trauma being faced by those innocent girls be erased or cured by the punishment meted out to the culprits however stringent they may be.
One isn't even sure whether the viral clips can be fully erased and will not rear its ugly head in the future which may jeopardise the lives of these innocent girls. What guarantee can we give to them, their parents and their families that the issue will be buried forever... If we cannot guarantee them these then let's imagine what future they will envisage how much ever successful they are in their academic or domestic front.
Apart from the post trauma they will suffer, they still will live in uncertainty of what might happen in their lives and when it might resurface again. These is what we need to ponder on if we really care for these innocent helpless girls and want to lend a hand. What is really the need of the hour ? Much more than the punishment to be meted out which will be taken care of by the law of the land, we need a deep introspection at how our society is functioning now.
Lack of morality, increase in cheap thrills and degradation of our values are few things we need to focus on and the onus lies on each and every stakeholder of our society, the parents, the teachers, the guardians, the lawmakers, the social scientists and those movers and shakers of the media world which influence the generations much more than anything else.
Lets put ourselves in the shoes of these hapless young innocence girls whose future seem so bleak and uncertain because of just a video clip and do our part in trying to PREVENT these maladies as much as possible rather than just waiting for its cure. That will be the ultimate Justice  !!

The writer is senior counsellor, ART Centre, RIMS