MPP convenes requisition meeting

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 20: The MPP Central Committee has convened a requisition meeting against the party president on October 20.
Speaking to media persons at Keishampat today, MPP Central Committee member Y Priyokumar said that a representation, signed by 10 Central Committee members, was submitted to the president on June 3 this year, to convene a Central Committee meeting as no such meeting had been convened for a long time sine he took over the post of president.
Whereas the representation went unanswered, the president convened a Central Committee meeting secretly on June 23 with a few selected members who were close to him while other members were not given any notice in advance about the meeting, Priyokumar alleged.
Even as some Central Committee members urged the president to defer the meeting so that all the members could attend it after they were notified in advance, the president turned down the suggestion.
Subsequently, 48 Central Committee members submitted another representation on July 4 urging the president to convene another Central Committee meeting. Again, the president rejected the appeal, he alleged.
He maintained that the appointment of SRO by the incomplete Central Committee meeting as well as appointment of vice presidents, members of subordinate committees, working committee, election committee and disciplinary committee by the SRO at the behest of the president without even issuing election notification are unacceptable.
It is also unreasonable for the president to remove/expel Central Committee members, he maintained.
Given these anomalies and alleged misappropriation of party fund, the Central Committee members are compelled to call a requisition meeting against the president, Priyokumar added.