21 Sept- Intl Day of Peace Only love can overcome hatred

Priyanka Saurabh
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." There are words of Mahatma Gandhi which are relevant even in the 21st century. Man has always made efforts to be peaceful and happy - from family to nation - it is imperative to maintain a peaceful environment. What is essentially peace? It is nothing but a state of the human mind, which remains too sophisticated for modern science to fully explain. However, the achievement of peace/nirvana/happiness – whatever the name may be, has been a subject of exploration since ancient times. Mankind has seen many battles. Fighting for cattle, land, resources, colonies, territories, etc. Most of these battles took place due to misunderstandings between the rivals. Thus peace which is essential for the overall development of mankind was made elusive.
A peaceful environment ensures a harmonious life and provides avenues for mutual understanding. This understanding further strengthens peace through dialogue, discussion, cross-cultural exchanges, etc. Thus a virtuous cycle is created.
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