Don Bosco College Maram observes Ozone Week

The Department of Chemistry, Don Bosco College (Autonomous) Maram organized Ozone Week observation from September 16 to 20 under the leadership of Sr Dr Bindu Thomas and other faculty members of the department under the theme “Global Cooperation: Protecting life on earth”.
As per a statement, the theme recognises the wider impact the Montreal Protocol has on climate change and the need to act in collaboration, forge partnerships and develop global cooperation to address climate challenges and protect life on earth for future generations.
 In view of this, various events were carried out such as interdepartmental speech competition on the aforementioned theme. Prizes were also distributed to the winners, the statement added.
Students took out 'Ozone rally' in the surrounding villages of the College to spread the message of the significance of protecting the ozone layer and preserving life on earth.
The participating students raised slogans like 'Earth without the ozone is like a house without a roof', 'go green, go genius, stamp the carbon, stand tall' among others.
The students also pledged to protect the ozone layer henceforth.
The Department of Chemistry also thanked Fr KO Sebastian, the principal and the management for their support and encouragement in carrying out the events.