CSOs ban BJP activities in Kpi

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Sep 21 : Civil society organizations of Kangpokpi have resolved to ban all activities related to the BJP in Kangpokpi district in connection with the K Orphanage incident on September 16. The decision was taken during a meeting of the CSOs today.
The CSOs of Kangpokpi also informed the people of Kangpokpi not to invite or entertain any BJP MLA, Minister and party leaders as guests at any event or function.
The joint meeting was held at Kangpokpi district headquarters in connection with the sit-in-protest held yesterday at K Orphanage against the unlawful activities of the BJYM on September 16 which resulted in a bullet injury to a Leikot villager whom they allegedly accused of drug peddling.
Speaking to the media, CSOs Kangpokpi spokesperson, Thangtinlen Haokip said that after thoroughly examining the cause of the sit-in-protest at K Orphanage “we have found the reason for the protest is very genuine and valid for which the joint meeting was convened today.”
He continued that considering the intensity of the unlawful act reportedly committed by the BJYM and the negligence of the BJP Government in resolving the issue as demanded by the village chief and area organization, “we have decided to ban all activities of the BJP in Kangpokpi district till the issue is resolved.”
Thangtinlen added that the people of Kangpokpi have also been informed not to invite or entertain any BJP MLA, Minister, and party leaders as guests to any function or event.
The spokesperson said that despite a humble democratic protest and appeal to resolve the issue as per the customary law, the BJP Government and the authorities concerned ‘refused’ to resolve the issue, and instead the alleged drug peddler who was in police custody with his bullet injury was sent to judicial custody for fifteen days today.
He also asked as to how a person with a bullet injury was made to stay in a police station while in police custody and the same person with such an injury can be sent to judicial custody while drawing the attention of the human rights bodies to intervene in the matter.
Engaged with the alleged negligence on the part of the BJYM and failure on the part of the BJP in initiating an apology as per the customary law of the Kuki as demanded by the villages chiefs and Leikot area people, the CSOs Kangpokpi served four days ultimatum to the BJYM and the BJP to resolve the issue.
Failure to resolve the issue within the stipulated time, CSOs Kangpokpi warned that it will decide its course of action which will be very intense, and the BJYM and the BJP will be solely held responsible for any untoward incident that ever since the statrt of the Government's initiative "War on Drugs" the CSOs of Kangpokpi have been fully endorsing and supporting it and even the KSO Sadar Hills president with DIPR personnel went to Mt Koubru foothills for a short documentary film on War on Drugs where he appealed to the people of Kangpokpi to stop poppy cultivation and other drugs in the district.
However, the incident of September 16 is not only against the law but also against the War on Drugs mission, he said and added “Considering the behavior and manner of the BJYM, we wonder if the BJP Government in Manipur made the BJYM as one of the departments among others in dealing with drugs.”