Sexual and reproductive rights : A bridge to womanhood and society

Dr Ashwini Sirapanasetty Karache
Contd from previous issue
The following rights are covered under Reproductive rights:
1. Right to have legal and safe abortion irrespective of marital status.
2. Right to control one’s reproductive function.
3. Right to access in order to make reproductive choice free of coercion, discrimination and violence.
4. Right to access education about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases and freedom from coerced sterilization and contraception.
5. Right to protect from gender based practice such as female genital cutting and male mutilation.
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – Declaration Under 7 Principles
1. Sexuality is an integral part of personhood of every human being, for this reason of favourable environment in which everyone may enjoy all sexual rights as a part of the process of development must be created.
2. The rights and the protections guaranteed to people under age 18 differ from those of adults and must take into account the evolving capacities of the individual child to exercise rights on his or her behalf.
3. Non-discrimination underlies all human rights protection & promotion.
4. Sexuality & pleasure deriving from it is a central aspect of being human, whether or not a person chooses to reproduce.
5. Ensuring sexual rights for all includes a commitment to freedom & protection from harm.
6. Sexual rights may be subject only to those limitations determined by law for the purpose of securing due recognition, respect for the rights, freedom of others & general welfare in a democratic society.
7. The obligations to respect, protect & fulfil apply to all sexual rights & freedom.
Sexual & Reproductive Rights Fasten Human Rights
Article 1 - Right to equality, equal protection law & freedom from all forms of discrimination based on sex.
Article 2 – Right for participation of all people regardless of sex.
Article 3 – Right to live with liberty, security of the person & bodily integrity.
Article 4- a) Right to privacy which is essential to exercise for sexual autonomy. b) All persons are entitled for the sexual autonomy & shall be able to make decisions about their sexuality, sexual behaviour & intimacy without arbitrary inference. (To be contd)