Ready to pave way for Naga solution : Rio

Newmai News Network
KOHIMA, Sep 22: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio reiterated today that "we will pave the way in the event of Naga political solution that is honourable, acceptable and inclusive.
“We are all aware that the State Government is not a direct party to the negotiations and we are only playing our role as facilitators. However, our sincerity towards the commitments which we have made in our respective manifestoes still stand. The ruling dispensation and the political parties in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Government (of Nagaland) have made it clear in our manifestoes that we will pave the way in the event of a solution that is honourable, acceptable and inclusive,” the Nagaland Chief Minister reminded in a discussion on Naga political issue in the Assembly.
The Chief Minister also stated that the leaders of today’s Naga society cannot afford to let the present and future generations inherit the continuation of conflict and violence. “We owe it to them to come together under a spirit of collective oneness and resolve this imbroglio, so that, we too, can rise as a people and positively contribute to the Nation building process and towards the better good of humanity,” he added.
Neiphiu Rio appealed of “this House to all sections of Naga society and to the negotiating parties of the political dialogue to rise above all else, so that we work in unison for the common good of all Nagas” and added, “Let us unite as one Naga family and let us all put our best possible efforts towards achieving a solution that is honourable, inclusive and acceptable, and thereby begin a new era of peace, progress and development, wherein Nagas increase our contributions towards the forward march of this great nation”.
Rio said that the Indo-Naga political imbroglio has been at the core of Naga society for several decades and remains central in our concerns even today. “For this House too, it is at the top of our agenda and in the course of the past four years, the members of this house have undertaken discussions and deliberations on several occasions within the floor of this House and outside the House,” he added. Rio further said that his Government has given utmost importance to the Naga political issue and “we have made every possible effort” to play the role of active facilitator in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to realisation of an early solution to the protracted Naga political issue.
According to the Chief Minister, the present State Government in Nagaland has formed an Opposition-less United Democratic Front (UDA) Government with the singular motive to facilitate the peace process so that “we realise the aspiration of achieving genuine peace though a negotiated political solution that is honourable, acceptable and inclusive. Subsequently, the Parliamentary Committee on Naga Political Issue and the Core Committee were formed on June 10, 2021 comprising of representatives from all political parties represented in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.”
All 60 members of this House have risen above “our affiliations by setting aside all our differences and we all came under one platform to extend positive support to the political negotiations,” Rio further stated. The Parliamentary Committee and the Core Committee have held several rounds of discussions, deliberations and consultative meetings with various stakeholders including the Naga national political groups and the representatives of the Government of India.