21 Sept- Intl Day of Peace Only love can overcome hatred

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from previous isse
Looking at Indian history, we see that the subcontinent was ruled well during the days of rulers who understood the problems of the people and the interests of their subjects. This is evident from Ashoka's "Dhamma" to Akbar's appointments to the Mughal court.
India has always set an example to the world for its preaching of non-violence and its strategy of exploring the issues that it faces or is facing. The great Indian freedom struggle invented a new method of resistance without bloodshed and since then the world has tasted Satyagraha. The Non-Aligned Movement has shown the world that, sometimes peace can be maintained with silence and not necessarily every time a particular side is taken. The Panchsheel Agreement is no different.
India, as a nation, can easily prove to the world that its policy of non-violence and understanding is in achieving greater goals with events such as the transition of East Pakistan to Bangladesh, and the election of an Indian judge to the ICJ. can help. India, even being a developing nation, has taken the responsibility of reducing its carbon emissions and thus has a moral responsibility to be a role model for many of the so-called "superpowers" as we are all Mother Earth’s tenants. It simply means being "socially responsible" as a country, as a citizen, and as a partner.
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