Can’t public figures drink & dance

Free Thinker
The singing and dancing video of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna (after Vodka), has triggered a debate all over the world about whether public figures can party or not. Most of the replies are in the affirmative, but some say it should be in private; others argue that why not in the open, they are also humans like you and me. My reply is also ‘yes’ including lovely post-party activities but within the parameters of the law.
Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, and even Governors and Governesses (not according to the warrant of precedents) - all are in blood and flesh, they are not robots. They feel - hungry, thirsty, love, elated, frustrated etc. If they want to drink and dance, let them; if they want to smoke and sing, let them; if they want to have bhang and bhangra, let them; if they want to sip and swim, let them; if they want to gulp and grab, let them - but all these should be legally and Constitutionally bound.
In support of Prime Minister Sana Marin, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of States of the USA tweeted with her own party dancing photo of 2012 "keep “dancing @marinsana”. Marin also responded happily “Thank you @ Hillary Clinton”. This is how friendships are manufactured. When I tweeted nobody responded, not even her PA.
Sometimes we are stunned to know that our Ministers and MLAs are instructed not to have “parties” in public. Their private life should not be displayed or made public. They should have high moral standards etc. It is reliably learnt that almost all our lawmakers past & present - drink, dance, sing, play, quarrel, and compromise at their parties.
Most of the leaders in the world enjoy parties in their own styles. Some indulge in private; others do in full public view. Few great leaders have exclusive parties within close circles. If they have to attend open parties, normally they don’t drink or smoke or sing or dance.  But Churchill Saheb used to drink and smoke Cigars in full public view. Winston Churchill without a cigar in his hand looked incomplete.
Fidel Castro used to smoke Cigars and drank Cuban rum at Parties and State Dinners or Functions. Perhaps out of jealousy it was alleged that he slept with 35,000 females; I don’t believe it; it is rubbish. He used to proudly drink Rum made from the sugarcane of his own country. Later on, he discarded both Cigar and Rum. That does not mean cigars and Rum are banned in Cuba. Now, both are made costly.
Sanna’s party has hit the headlines and a debate has started in every bar, club and even in the living rooms of VIPs about whether leaders should drink, sing or dance in public.   On this issue, Finland's public opinion is divided. Almost 50 present says it is improper for the PM to drink, sing and dance at parties. Whereas the other half says it is absolutely normal. Sanna is a young leader; she must enjoy her life too. This has nothing to do with her official duties and functions. Contention continues - since she is the PM of the country, security and secrecy of the country might be compromised in such parties. What is more human is that two of her friends lifted their tops during another party in the PM residence. Sanna Martin had to apologise for that too.
 We all know that Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Councillors, Paradhans - all are human beings;  they indulge in all kinds of parties – State Party, At Home Party, Tea party, Dance party, Singing party, Poetry Party, Yog Party.  Notorious and obnoxious parties are not recorded. But we heard that Former French President Silvio Berlusconi had “ Bunga Bunga party “; we don’t have the details of such parties. We also don’t have the microscopic details of the private parties of Monika ji and Clinton Sir inside the White House.
Sadhguru says, “one must celebrate life, every day; you must celebrate that you have got up alive today morning; many don’t get up from their sleep”. How to celebrate is a million dollar question – Sanna style, Clinton method, Churchill-Castro style or Modi model (herbal tea & yog ).
“I am human and I too sometimes long for joy, light and fun...… I want to believe that people look at the work we do, not what we do in our free time” Ms Sanna  Marin,  Hon.  Prime Minister of Finland. Mind you, Sanna is a true patriot, she takes Finlandia ( ‘Sekmai’ type “Yu” of her country ). “Finland joined NATO, so, on the occasion, the prime minister drank a little more Finlandia vodka and because of it, the dance, there is nothing terrible in this,” Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said, in his lovely defence of Sanna.
Respected Ministers, MLA, Councillors, and Panchayat Members, including Hon. CM, MPs, Union Minister and His Excellencies, all are requested to kindly watch the viral video of Kumari Sanna of Finland and feel free to express yourselves in words or in action.