On farm production of Mycorrhizae

Yanglem Herojit Singh, K Mamocha Singh, Kennedy Ninthoujam, Ng Taibangnganbi Chanu
Contd from previous issue
· After cling, place the sterilized soil in thoroughly clean dry pots. For large scale production polythene bags, trough lined with plastic sheet may be used.
· Place a pinch of root mother culture in the pot and then cover with a thin layer of soil.
· Sow 3-5 seeds in each pot at such a depth that seedling roots should come in contact with culture.
· Grow the plants for three months under normal conditions.
· Stop watering the plants after 3 months and cut the upper part of plants or stalks when they are completely dried. Allow the soil in the pot to dry further.
· Remove the roots along with adhering soil from the pots and dry in shade.
· Cut the roots finely and save some root inoculants for future use. Mix the fine cut roots with the soil from the pot to produce VAM soil culture.
· Store the root and soil inoculants in sealed plastic bags in cool dry place.
Precautions for Production of Mycorrhiza
· Compulsory use quality Mycorrhiza mother culture for production (100 infective propagules per g)
· Create physical contact between the mycorrhizal culture and the plant root  
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