Labour related points

Explanation by Prof KV Subrmanian, Former Chief Economic Adviser about picture of Indian labour market as it emerges from pandemic period
Contd from previous issue
The 'e-Shram Portal' is also being linked with the National Career Service, Aseem Portal and Udyam Portal to increase employment opportunities for workers.
In the last eight years, we have taken the initiative to abolish the laws from the period of slavery that reflect the slave mentality.
The country is now changing, reforming and simplifying such labour laws. Keeping this in mind, 29 labour laws have been converted into four simple labour codes. With this, our labour brothers and sisters will be further empowered on issues like minimum wages, job security, social security and health security.  The definition of Inter-State Migrant Labour has also been simplified in the new labour codes. Our migrant labour brothers and sisters have also been helped a lot by the 'One Nation, One Ration Card' scheme.
The country's Labour Ministry is also preparing its vision for 2047 in ‘Amrit Kaal’. The future needs flexible workplaces, a work-from-home ecosystem and flexible work hours. We can use systems like flexible workplaces as opportunities for women’s labour force participation.