Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
‘Attraversiamo’ is an Italian word which translates to”Lets cross over”. The year ends and we all cross over to another new beginning, I am still asking myself,can one rotation of earth bring about so much difference in the life of all humanity? I believe yes.
The virtue of roboticness that today’s life brings about in people’s life has marred humanity of the immense potential that the smaller joys the present moment has. If the change of one last digit from 2022 to 2023 brings about vitality and newness, then new years are a good way to celebrate life. If one change in a single digit can bring about new resolutions, innovative plans, courage, momentary happiness, diet plans, people getting time to call up their friends and family, couples dreaming of vacations- then new years are worth the fireworks.
I used to wonder why people are so excited about such events and significant dates? Being utterly pragmatic, I would often question what’s the difference between 31st December and the 1st of January- it is merely a change of date.
But any event which helps us shift from old to new- helps us cross over. We cross a mental bridge which helps us get the courage of doing things we usually dread. It helps us think ‘What did we do this year?’, ‘How did we feel overall?’, ‘What were the lessons learnt?’, ‘What do we need to do better?’, ‘How can we do it better?’ and so on. There is self-development in crossing over these mental barriers we have created for ourselves and answering these questions helps us pave the way forward. The way that leads to a future, full of possibilities and opportunities.
Crossing over happens best when we are open to life and we take its help in guiding us to take decisions for good.We realize then that all answers have been in front of us, all the time, and when we are worthlessly searching for things, wandering amidst our forest of innumerable thoughts. When does crossing over happen though? It happens in between the wildest of circumstances, in a moment of silence, in the midst of a conversation between you and yourself, when you realize that life isn’t just about a series of futuristic events but the moment that lies in the present. After we cross that bridge, we don’t want to see or find the light at the end of the tunnel, but we become the beacon of shining light ourselves. Wish you a bright and happy new year!