Any wrongdoings in Wangoi AC will be dealt strictly, says Kh Loken

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 3: Wangoi Assembly Constituency MLA, Khuraijam Loken has clarified that there has been no instances of stopping or  hindering developmental activities in Wangoi AC without any valid reasons.
The MLA gave the above clarification during a press meet held today at his residence at Yumnam Huidrom while reacting to a statement made by the former Minister O Lukhoi last Sunday at a public gathering in Wangoi AC.
The MLA said that there has been no instances of hindering any sort of developmental activities taken up by the former MLA or contractors of Government departments or any person.
However, he had appealed to all concerned to carry out the developmental activities after seeking proper approval from the relevant Government authorities and strictly abiding by the guidelines laid down by the competent authorities thereby maintaining the quality.
The MLA further appealed to all concerned to include developmental activities in the work programme and follow the rules and regulations instead of carrying out such welfare activities as per one's personal desire or wishes.
He also maintained that one cannot influence the public by exaggerating a matter and by making shallow statements through media or public platforms.
He maintained that 'some officials and staff of Government offices do not wish to work in Wangoi AC owing to the high handedness of some individuals taking advantage of their connections and power'.
He went on to state that every MLA always work for the development and upliftment of their respective Constituencies.
However he expressed discontentment over the current situation of Wangoi which has not been experienced in any of the constituencies across the State.
Kh Loken also asserted that any wrongdoings in Wangoi AC will be dealt with strict rectification measures under his supervision.