Many celebrate 'Emoinu Erat Thouni Thouram'


Our Correspondent
THOUBAL/TPL, Jan 3: Chengei Ching Emoinu Thougal Lup Waithou organised a celebration of Emoinu Erat Thouni Thouram at the sacred site of Emoinu located at Waithou Chingei Ching under Thoubal district on the 12th day of the Meitei lunar month of Wakching, today.
The worship ceremony was organised under the guidance of the titular king of Manipur Leisemba Sanajaoba.
Yaiskul Lakpa, Keisham Raghumani carried out all the religious rituals in connection with the celebration of Emoinu Erat Thouni Thouram.
Takhellambam Kalla, member, Chengei Ching Emoinu Thougal Lup Waithou and Asem Tombi Meitei, treasurer expressed their gratitude towards Leisemba Sanajaoba and Yaiskul Lakpa Keisham Raghumani for their efforts.
Separately, Moreh Meetei Lai Thougallup celebrated 'Ebendou Emoinu Erat Thouni' at Ema Panthoibi Sanglen, Moreh yesterday.
 As a part of the morning worship, many offerings were made to Ebendhou Emoinu along with the performance of many other religious rites.
The worship ceremony continued on in the evening with five 'Meetei leikai' participating in the proceeding religious rituals.