Nongmaithem Tombi Singh’s contribution to the making of Hijam Anganghal a Mahakavi

Surjitkumar Loitam
Contd from previous issue
regarding National Seminar to be organized by the Sahitya Akademi on the theme, ‘The Epic Tradition and Contemporary Indian Literature’ at any time and date suitable to the Akademi to honor and remember Mahakavi Anganghal Singh (1892-1943), Manipur who wrote the famous epic Khamba Thoibi Sheireng with a special session in the seminar on Anganghal’s epic Khamba Thoibi Sheireng.
The Executive Board Meeting after a minute discussion granted approval to the proposal. But unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to the sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic even after the fixation of the date for the seminar to be held in Manipur. As the situation of the pandemic was alleviated gradually, a two-day seminar was successfully organized by the Sahitya Akademi at INA Hall, Moirang, the place of origin of the story of Khamba Thoibee, on 21 and 22 March 2021 with theatre personality, Ratan Thiyam as the Chief Guest. Oja Tombi’s dream came true.
His writings in an attempt to popularize Mahakavi Anganghal—
Although Oja Tombi, in his journey of life, could accomplish his endeavors for Anganghal, in his later life too, he set eyes on the task of writing further from his extensive reading of Anganghal’s books, to continue to exalt Anganghal by making the entire world accessible to his assets thereon. Thus on his 79th birth anniversary, the collection of his loose essays, Confluence: Essays on Manipuri Literature & Culture was produced in English. In this book, there are five treatises primarily focused on Anganghal.
· Renaissance in Manipuri Literature: The Age of Chaoba, kamal and Anganghal
· Mahakavi Anganghal: Life and Works
· The Philosophy in Khamba –Thoibi Sheireng: An Amaklgation of Meitei and Hindu Thought.
· Manifestation of love in Shingel Indu: Separation and Union
· The Sublime Love Featured in Jahera of Mahakavi Anganghal
These treatises will help tremendously in acclaiming our Mahakavi Anganghal as a precious and rare writer belonging to northeastern India.
As an outcome of Oja Nongmaithem Tombi’s dedicated endeavors throughout most of his life for Anganghal, today we can perfectly receive an esteemed Mahakavi of ours. In the history of Mahakavi Anganghal’s firm grounding, Oja Tombi’s name cannot be ignored. Acknowledging his priceless contributions, in 2019 CE, Mahakavi Anganghal Trust, Hijam Romani Trust, Kabui Dharma Sabha, Loktak Khorjei Lup, and Sahitya Thoupang Lup collectively honored him with the presentation of the Mahakavi Anganghal Award to him. It should be our responsibility now to honor him further during his lifetime. Translated from Manipuri by: Dr. Pukhrambam Rajendra Singh