Why Bank Employees seek 5 days week?

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit
Recently Sunil Kumar – General Secretary of FBOIOA and Advisor of AIBOC  who is a  good orator & blistering speaker with broad knowledge of disciplinary proceedings in Banking has twitted that Government and IBA should understand that Five Day’s Banking is not only need of the hour but essential for better output by the Employees. In view of the changing banking scenario and needs of customers, accessibility of alternate delivery channels, bank unions have been demanding five days in a week working.
Bank unions are demanding that banks should have 5-day week on the lines of the Government of India employees. A shorter working week leads to less burnout, making staff happier and more focused in their  roles. Five days a week is a basic demand of bank employees as it plays a vital role in the productivity of Bank as well as the health & stress level of Bank Employees. The work pressure in the banking industry is the highest in the country.
Mental health also plays a big factor in productivity at work. Five days week will give the same results in fewer hours so that Bank employees can get more time to pursue other interests, spend time with loved ones, and manage their lives.
It will also help banks in reducing cost. Bank employees would be less stressed or take sick leave as they will have time to take rest and recover. A five-day week is already available in the international banking system.
(To be contd)