Khwairamband Phouoibi Ima Keithel Vendors Welfare Union formed


Khwairamband Keithel No 3 Khwairamband Phouoibi Ima Keithel vendors have formed a union and fleshed out the development work to be undertaken by the Union today.
As per a statement, the newly constituted Union christened the Khwairamband Phouoibi Ima Keithel Vendors Welfare Union was formed today during a meeting held at Khwairamband Keithel No 3, Imphal.
The gathering unanimously appointed W Subadani Devi as the president; RK Chanda nisana Devi as the vice-president; Kongbrailatpam Dhaneshwari Devi as the secretary; Phanjoubam Jibanlata as the joint secretary; Keisham Surbala Devi as the assistant secretary; Sanasam Inaocha Devi as the treasurer; Leikham Tondon Devi and Paonam Omita as the publicity secretaries and Takhellambam Surbala Devi, Thangjam Bino Devi, Khagokpam Sovapati Devi as executive members.
Some of the developmental works on the union's agenda include: to demand the relevant authorities for well-deserved rights of vendors, to provide benefits to vendors by operating Manipur State Urban Livelihood Mission, to stand together in safeguarding Khwairamband Keithel and to ensure that the vendors have access to beneficial initiatives launched by the State among others.
Around 200 people attended the day's meeting and the gathering pledged to work together for the progress of the newly constituted Union.