How to deal with smartphone addiction in children

Malem Elangbam
Contd from previous issue
Set a phone password to avoid the usage of the phone by children in our absence.
14. Be a great role model: Children learn more from our actions than our words.
They are great observers, and they mimic the habits of parents. It is important to form strict rules in place to abide by. Restricting our smartphone usage time allows us extra time to spend with our child.
These interactions with our children are crucial in creating a strong parent-child relationship, the value of which is often underestimated.
Many parents spend most of their time on their smartphones but they tell their children not to use smartphone. In these cases, children are bound to follow in their parent’s footsteps. Follow what you preach. Let’s be a good role model for our children by limiting our smartphone usage. Let’s find more time to spend with our children by interacting, hugging, playing with them rather than just staring at a screen.
How to protect children from Smartphone
Along with the above-mentioned ways to keep our children away from the mobile phones, we can also take care of the following points to protect them from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.
- Low radiation level: With the use of smart phones becoming frequent, it is better to buy one with a low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value.
The SAR value states the amount of radiation absorbed per kilogram of body tissue. SAR value can be checked by dialing *#07#. In India, the maximum SAR level allowed is 1.6 W/kg.
-Avoid Smartphone use while travelling: Let’s keep Smart phone away from our children while driving, travelling in a moving vehicle or train. A mobile phone in a moving vehicle keeps scanning for the signal and, in the process, emits more radiation which is very harmful to children.
Like every device out there, smartphones have pros and cons too. They can be educational as well as detrimental. Studies show that, face-to-face time with family, children, and friends has a significant impact on children’s healthy development.
As adults do not let child get lost in a stream of media and technology. Letting our children play with mobile devices and earning a little well-earned rest is fine, as long they don’t get addicted and use mobile phones sensibly, and find the balance between real life and cell phone.