Scary emergence of lumpens Now find the bodies

The lumpens. Obvious that more than enough space has been created for the lumpen elements to emerge and stamp their presence in the script that suits their ugly persona. Along with the lumpens, Manipur too has to adjust its existence with the bizzarely comical personalities who may come under different garbs, but garbs which would give them a certain degree of ‘respectability’ in society. It is when these two characteristics blend and come together in a perfectly matched persona that one can  expect the confusion that is being played out on the soil of Manipur. That such a drama, replete with all the garish make ups associated with some cheap alley plays, would emerge so prominently can only be done with a certain degree of patronage and it is this which Manipur will have to grapple with in the coming days, one way or the other. This is the sad reality that is staring everyone in the face in Manipur and situation has come to such a pass that silence is now thought be a better part of valour. Taking the reality in consideration, the wise ones are the ones who keep their gawp shut and it is only the foolhardys who  open their mouth and invite trouble. That this ugly reality should emerge when Manipur is neck deep in the ethnic crisis for more than five months, should tell a significant story. Is the Government at Imphal primed to meet the challenges that lie ahead or will it be case of letting time decide ? Only the coming days will tell, but the future does not exactly look good for Manipur at the moment. Those taking refuge at the shelter homes are today seen as the unfortunate lot, that section of people whose houses were brunt to ashes and whose near and dear ones could have been bludgeoned or burnt to death. Does their state of existence really figure in the consciousness of those who have been fortunate enough to still have a standing structure which they call homes and can still expect lunch and dinner everyday ? Only the people can answer this question, but lest anyone forgets, the idea of Manipur is more than protecting the continued existence of the place as a distinct socio-political  reality but a place which is home to a community who care for their neighbours and the people at large. The emergence of the lumpens and the comical runs counter to this idea of a Manipur.
Over five months and counting and the reality should not blow over the heads of anyone. The bodies of the two young students are yet to be traced, though the CBI seems to have made some headway with interrogation of the ‘mastermind’ reportedly revealing that their bodies were buried somewhere at near Lukhrabakhul ground at Joujangtek, a Kuki dominated village at Tamenglong district. The bodies were reportedly buried on July 12, that is six days after the two young students went missing on July 6. The focus of the Government and the people should be on this and other cases related to the ongoing clash but trust some imbecile elements and some jokers to script the buffoonery that is threatening to derail the trajectory. The danger should not be brushed aside and in more than one way, it is the inclination of the people as a whole to cheer the jokers which has only encouraged the emergence of such elements. The immediate task is no doubt to neutralise the challenges that have been posed to the understanding of Manipur, but it should also be kept in mind that the emergence of such elements can also pose a grave threat to the existence of Manipur. Let better sense prevail and let the Government now get down to the task of locating the bodies/whereabouts of the over 20 persons who are reported to be still missing. This should be at the top of the agenda of the Government.