Federalism in IndiaPolitical representative system in Indian Parliament vis-à-vis NE India

Mathiupuang Gonmei, Social Worker
Contd from previous issue
That is the precise reason why the Southern States have been arguing that the increase in the number of seats in Parliament should not be strictly based on the size of the population. North Eastern States should also assert their position in this regard because if they do not seize this upcoming opportunity, they may not be able to get again for the next half century.
Conclusion: Urgent measures to be initiated
In the vast democratic landscape of Indian politics, the North Eastern States, though small in size and population must assert its unique intrinsic geo-political leverage unitedly. Pro-active measures must be taken by all the 8 sister States towards demanding more representation in Indian Parliament. The following measures are proposed for urgent necessary actions:
(1) Regional and National political parties operating in the North East Region should stand united to demand for more representatives in Parliament (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha).
(2) All Civil Society Organizations operating in the region must also take active part in this effort.
(3) MPs and MLAs of North East India irrespective of their parties must take the leading role in realizing this long-felt political need of North East people.
(4) All North Eastern States must adopt a unanimous resolution to this effect in their respective Assemblies and recommend it to the Centre.
(5) If the Government of India does not take heed of the genuine demand of the North East people, democratic movement and legal measures should be initiated to fulfill the demand.
Thus, political justice can only be realized by having more representatives in Parliament and being in a position to wield power in the decision making process of the Nation. By then, New Delhi will take North East people more seriously in every aspect of governance, development, peace and security in the region which directly impacts the entire Nation considering the long porous international border of 5182 km.
With more representatives in Parliament, it is sincerely hoped that the era of begging grants and favour from the Central Government will come to an end and real democracy will flourish throughout the country including North East India where every head is held high irrespective of their caste, creed, race, etc.and can live in peace with equal dignity and freedom.
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