Vegetable cum fish based IFS by using polythene lined water harvesting tank

Gunajit Oinam
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The cost sharing was Rs. 3,500/- for 200µ LDPE polyfilm by KVK, Imphal East and self labour by the farmer. The main source of water is from rain through roof top harvesting and collecting water from the channel having a distance of 700 ft. by using 25mm HDPE pipe through siphoning method. The harvested water is utilized for vegetable cultivation, rearing of fish, dairying and for household activities etc.
Key Results/Insight/Interesting Fact
The income earned through different activities by using the harvested water from the tank is furnished as below:
· Name of the farmer: Shri L. Ibochouba Singh
· Location: Latitude: N24070.221’ Longitude: E094011.667’ Altitude: 788.7m
· Total area under vegetable cultivation: 0.125ha
· Size of polylined tank: 16 m (L) x 2 m (B) x 1.2 m (D)
· No. of tanks: 2 nos.
· Volume of the Tank: 38 Cum per tank
· Roof Top Area: 30ft x 14ft (420 Sqft)
A. Income from crops during October, 2017 to March 2018
Sl. No. Particular Area Income (Rs.)
i. Broad leaf mustard, Cabbage, Broccoli 400m2 20,000.00
ii. Garden pea local Makhayatmubi and Makuchabi 400m2 5,600.00
iii. Brinjal local barmashika 200m2 7,000.00
iv. Coriander, onion, fennel, jeer et. 50m2 1,200.00
v. Selling of vegetable seedlings/saplings 10m2 2,560.00
Total (A) 36,360.00
Gross Income : Rs. 36,360.00
Total cost of Cultivation: Rs. 2,200.00
Net Return : Rs. 36,360.00 – 2,200.00 = Rs. 34,160.00 (A) from 0.125 ha in 6-7 months
B. Income from Fisheries Activities:
IMC and tilapia released during Nov., 2017
· Cost of fingerling (IMC and Tilapia, 250 nos.) = Rs. 1,500/-
· Yield of fish harvested during June 2018 = 40kg
= Rs. 8,000/- (@Rs. 200/kg)
· Net Return = Rs. 8000 – Rs. 1500 = Rs. 6500 (B)
· Total Income from Crops and Fish (A+B) = Rs.34,160.00 = Rs. 6,500.00
= Rs. 40,660.00 per 0.125 Ha
= Rs. 3,25,280 per Ha
We can see that from a very small area of 0.125 ha (1/8 of a hectare) the farmers can earn a net profit of Rs. 40,660/- in a very short span of 6.7 month by utilizing the harvested water from the 76 Cum polylined tank. The idea was to encourage in the localities to adopt or practice such type of water harvesting structure. Thus such types of tanks should be promoted for small holdings having high seepage and infiltration problems where construction of farm pond is not feasible. Such kind of location specific IFS models can be a sustainable means towards increasing farmers income.
Lesson learnt
Ø Using harvested water from polythene lined tank in the area of Imphal East District of Manipur was found suitable acceptable and provides new livelihood to the farmers particularly those residing at the riverine area who are the worst sufferers from water scarcity during post-monsoon period (Nov-March).
Ø Vegetable cum fish based Integrated farming system using harvested water from polythene line tank increased the net income of the farmers (B:C ratio 3.28) and helps in reducing the vulnerability of their livelihood.
Ø The proven technology needs to be demonstrated and popularized in other parts of the region having high seepage and infiltration problems where construction of farm pond is not feasible to increase farmers’ income and poverty reduction.
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