Truly powerhouse of sports : Manipur bag 82 medals, 30 gold, 22 silver and 30 bronzeManipur bag more gold medals than the whole of seven other North East sister States combined


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 9: Ethnic tension battered Manipur emerged truly a powerhouse of sports as it won more gold medals than the whole of the other sister States in the North-East region bagged in the 37th National Games in Goa.
Manipur won a total of 30 gold medals, seven more than the 23 gold medals of the other sister States combined.
Manipur, in the 7th position, won a total of 82 medals-- 30 gold, 22 silver and 30 bronze medals.
The sister NE States combined won 84 medals just two more than Manipur's 82 medals.
Assam won the most numbers of medals after Manipur among the North East States.
Assam won 56 medals--14 gold, 20 silver and 22 bronze medals.
Arunachal won Pradesh won 13 medals--6 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals.
Mizoram won 5 medals--2 gold and 3 silver medals.
Nagaland won 8 medals--1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.
Sikkim won one bronze medal.
(The National Games ended today. The tally given here are according to the official tally provided at at 19:49 IST)
Today, cyclist Khoirom Rejiya Devi won a bronze in the  women's 30 Km individual time trial event. She completed the event in 48:49.085 minutes (36.87 Km/h).
Here is a look at the complete list of medallists
1. Wushu : 9 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze = 18 medals
Gold medallists : Yumlembam Echantombi in Qiangshu, Salam Marshal in Qiangshu, Leimapokpam Sanathoi in Taijiquan, Yengkhom Geeta in Taijijian, Bonish Yurembam in Nangun, Norem Roshibina in 60 kg sanda, Oinam Bidyapati in 56 kg sanda, Athokpam James in 56 kg sanda, Thokchom Meneka in 70 kg sanda
Silver medallists : Leimapokpam Naokhamba in Taijiquan, Konjengbam Luxmi in Nangun, Moirangthem Samson in 48 kg sanda, Heishnam Pravabati in 60 kg sanda, Thangjam Naocha in 60 kg sanda, N Malemnganba in Gunshu and W Ningthibi.
Bronze : Thongam Aruna in 52 kg sanda and Elangbam Italy in 70 kg 70 kg sanda.
2. Judo : 5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze = 9 medals
Gold medallists : L Jagadish -66 kg, T Inunganbi -70 kg, M Indubala -78 kg, L Sanatombi in -48 kg and mixed team of Laishram Jagadish, Thangjam Ningthemba, Huidrom Birkamal, Haobijam Sobhashini, Takhellambam Inunganbi and Laishram Roshni.
Silver medallists : Laishram Monalisha (-48 kg) and Huidrom Sunibala (-63 kg)
Bronze medalists : Irengbam Kalpana (-63 kg) and Ningthoujam Sarda (-52 kg).
3. Cycling : 4 gold and 3 silver = 7 medals
Gold medallists : Y Rojit in Men's Sprint; I Matouleibi, T Manorama, M Sonali and Kh Rejiya in women's 4 km team pursuit and K Rahul, Jemesh Singh and Y Rojit in 750 men's team sprint; Khoirom Rejiya Devi in women's 30 Km time trial
Silver medallists : Y Rojit in Individual time trial, K Rejiya, T Manorama, M Sonal and H Premika in 750 m women's team sprint and Y Rojit in Keirin.
4. Gymnastics : 3 gold and 1 silver = 4 medals
Gold Medallists : Sanasam Ruban in vaulting horse; Ariha Pangambam in individual aerobic gymnastics and Ariha Pangambam, Anjori Pangambam in aerobic gymnastics trio.
Silver medallist : Sanasam Ruban in floor exercise.
5. Pencak Silat : 3 gold, 5 bronze = 8 medals
Gold medallists : Sophia Chanu- 65-70 kg category tanding pencak silat; Yaikhom Anjali -55-60 kg tanding; Sinam Chingkhei and Sinam Jivan- ganda pair.
Bronze medallists :  S Bidyaluxmi- tanding 45 kg ; Naorem Boynao- 55 kg tanding; Th Benao and Th Dayaluxmi- Ganda women; Yaikhom Kiran- tanding 55-60 kg; Huidrom Bishan-tanding 60-65 kg.
6. Sepak Takraw : 2 gold, 2 silver = 4 medals
Gold medallists : Women's Regu, Women's team.
Silver medallists : Men's Regu and Men's team.
7. Archery : 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze = 4 medals
Gold medallists : Wangkhem Malesori, L Rojina, Keisham Sandiya and Laishram Sophiya in Women's team Indian Round Archery and Th Heller and Wangkhem Malesori mixed team Indian Round Archery.
Silver medallist : Wangkhem Malesori in Indian Round.
Bronze medallist: Laiphrakpam Rojina in Indian Round.
8. Fencing : 1 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze = 7 medals
Gold medallists :  Khusboorani, Thoibi, Sonia, Mina in epee
Silver medallists : H Rabikumar, S Hemash, L Tomba and  K Abhinash in foil.
Bronze medallists : Lemba Hijam, Bhivekar Gurumayum, Thongam Satish, Kangabam Kane- men's epee team; Laiphrakpam Chinglembi, Maharabam Stella, Saikhom Nelcyrose and Laiphrakpam Bidyabati- women's epee team; K Denny- individual foil; 6. Nelcyrose Saikhom- individual epee; W Sonia in women's foil.
9. Weightlifting : 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze = 4 medals
Gold medallist : Phandom Ranibala-55 kg.
 Silver medallist : S Nirupama-64 kg
Bronze medallists : S Chaoba-76 kg and P Umeshwori- 71 kg
10. Taekwondro : 1 gold, 3 bronze = 4 medals
Gold medallists : Priyanka Leitanthem -62kg category.
Bronze medallists : Umelly Mangsatabam in Poomsae;  Naoroibam Jina in Kyorugi and Thoudam Umelly and Nongdaren Khaba in mixed pair poomsae
11. Rowing : 2 silver
Medallists : Th Priya and H Tendenthoi in Rowing double scull and Th Priya, Tendenthoi, Mayengbam Merina and Thoudam Aruna in quadruple scull.
12. Football : 2 silver
Medallists : Men's and women's teams.
13. Boxing : 3 bronze
Pukhrambam Jakson  48-51 kg category, Ashalata Chanu 48-50 kg and Ojibala Thounaojam 52-54 kg.
14. Triathlon : 2 bronze
Bronze medallists : Thoudam Sorijini and Khundrakpam Nganba Meitei.
15. Canoe and Kayaking : 2 bronze
Bronze medallists : Oinam Arun, Sanjesh Laishram, Heikrujam Abungo and Priyobarta Achom in K-4 and Oinam Arun in K-1.
16. Wrestling : 1 bronze
Medallists : Potsangbam Bidyarani in women's 53 kg category.
17. Lawn Bowl : 1 bronze
Medallists : Pravesh Kumar Salam and Md Aftaf Ahmad Khan in men's pairs.