Planned promotion of approved technologies in veterinary extension services

Dr Lalhumliana Tochhawng
Contd from previous issue
Those priorities include in animal husbandry may include propagation of superior germplasm, eradication of viral borne disease, biotechnology information technology, integrated and organic farming systems. Other issues, however, related to the educational and training system, institutions and the relative role of public and private research efforts are also important.
Moreover, some sustainability issues are not necessarily best addressed through technological options, but simply by changing the level and type of agricultural production and its location.
3. Inputs from multi-disciplinary team
Concept of multi-disciplinary team in promotion of planned technology has always been an important approach and the government have also done infused this system to tackle the problems of the farmers. Establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC) are such undertakings. Adopting technologies for sustainable farming systems is multi-disciplinary itself taking into account the wider range of objectives related to moving towards a more sustainable agriculture, compared to those targeting farm production, more disciplines have to work together to achieve the targeted goals.
4. Technology itself
Technologies are increasingly being developed with the advances in science and technology, but application of these technologies in the farm level is major issues as technology must be compatible, trail able, have relative advantage, less complexity in understanding and its applicability and overall cot of the technology so as to obtain sustainability beyond the farm.
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