Urgent concerns regarding the lack of internet access in ManipurDear Honourable Chief Minister,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you today with a deep sense of concern and urgency regarding a pressing issue that has been affecting the residents of Manipur for the past six months. This issue pertains to the unavailability of reliable internet access in the State, which has had far-reaching consequences, particularly for students and educators.
The lack of internet facilities in Manipur has created a myriad of challenges, not only for educational institutions but for the entire population. I would like to highlight several key problems faced by students, teachers, and the general public due to this unfortunate absence of internet access:
Educational Disruption: With the majority of educational activities shifting to online platforms, students in Manipur have been severely impacted by the unavailability of internet services. Remote learning, access to study materials, and online classes have become nearly impossible, leading to an interruption in the education of thousands of students.
Limited Access to Information: The internet is a vital source of information and knowledge. Without access to the web, individuals in Manipur are unable to stay updated with current events, research information, or access government initiatives and resources, which hampers their socio-economic development.
Economic Implications: The absence of internet facilities also affects businesses, hindering their ability to operate efficiently, access e-commerce platforms, and engage in digital marketing. This, in turn, has a detrimental effect on the state's economy.
Telemedicine and Healthcare: Internet access is crucial for telemedicine services, which have become increasingly important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients in remote areas of Manipur are unable to access online consultations and healthcare resources, which is a matter of great concern.
Communication and Connectivity : The lack of internet access has also hindered communication among individuals and communities, creating a sense of isolation and reducing opportunities for social and professional networking.
I kindly request your intervention in addressing this pressing issue by ensuring that the residents of Manipur have access to reliable and affordable internet services. This would not only help bridge the digital divide but also contribute to the overall development of the state and the nation.
I understand that various challenges may be associated with extending internet connectivity to remote areas, but I firmly believe that the Government's commitment to Digital India can be realized by addressing these issues. I urge you to consider this matter as a priority, and I would greatly appreciate your support in finding a swift and effective solution.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your positive response and actions that will benefit the people of Manipur.
Yours faithfully,
Anand Kumar Prasad
M.A., M.Ed Junior Teacher Assam Rifles Public school
Maram, Senapati Dist
Manipur -795015