Dark Diwali

IMPHAL, Nov 13: No usual sound of bursting firecrackers and instead pitch dark streets and localities adorned Imphal and all districts in Manipur's  valley on Diwali, the festival of lights.
Houses, shops and streets were without lights from 6 pm to 6.10 pm in solidarity with the people who have been affected and displaced by the conflict amid the present crisis.
Houses and shops, which were usually decorated with festive lights and candles every year on Diwali remained dark for the 10 minutes, and no candles and decorative lights adorned no house.
Volunteers of clubs along Tiddim Road were seen making announcements on loud speakers to switch off all lights in their localities.
Notably, the Coordinating Committee Against the Action of Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist and Illegal Immigrants and many other clubs and organisations had urged people to forgo Diwali and Ningol Chakkouba celebrations this year in solidarity with the displaced people.
The organisations had urged people to switch off their lights at their homes from 6 pm to 6.10 pm on Diwali today.
Heeding to their call, people switched off lights at their houses, shops and even street lamps.
No sound of bursting firecrackers was heard in Imphal for the first time in years of the city celebrating the Diwali.