Significance of US Under Secretary Uzra Jaya’s Bangladesh visit

Indrajit Kumar
Contd from previous issue
Some people with a ‘colonial’ lordly mind were eagerly waiting to voluntarily accept the servitude of the neo-colonial powers. There was a little worry on the foreheads of the opportunity seekers who were sheltered in the government party.
The various activities of the diplomatic circles behind the scenes created a lot of curiosity in the minds of the general public. Common voters were apprehensive that if foreigners decided who would come to power, what would their votes be worth? Ending these speculations, Under Secretary Ujra Jaya’s much talked about visit has come to an end. There is a hair-raising analysis going on in Buddhist circles about who got what. It is possible that it will continue until the next election.
What has been going on for the past few days amounts to disrespecting the independence of the country. Those who are in the diplomatic missions of different countries in our country, they are our friends according to diplomatic terms in terms of relations.
(To be contd)