Significance of US Under Secretary Uzra Jaya’s Bangladesh visit

Indrajit Kumar
What he said in the interview given to the news agency UNB, the balloon of excitement of many has leaked. He called for ‘rejecting violence and supporting a truly inclusive, peaceful, free and fair democratic process’. He said, ‘Let us let the people of Bangladesh decide’. He made it clear that the US’s goal is to support free, fair and peaceful elections in Bangladesh. He emphasized, “We are not a party to any political party”. In the interview, Uzra Zeya clarified that the US visa policy is to support the promise of free, fair and peaceful elections announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On the question of caretaker government and boycott, he dismissed it as an ‘internal matter’ of the people of Bangladesh.
Recently, some tension was created in the political arena of the country around the visit of Uzra Jair, the Under Secretary of the United States of America. The efforts of two political parties who have no faith in the people of the country to create tides in the dead river is noteworthy. The scene of complacency and visible leaps and bounds among the so-called reformist leaders of the parasharyi Bhuifond parties became a matter of humor for many. (To be contd)