Myanmar military airstrikes rebel camp near Mizoram


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Aizawl, Nov 13 : In a dramatic escalation of tensions, Champhai district in Mizoram is on red alert as the Myanmar Army engaged in a fierce clash with the pro-democratic force, Chinland Defence Force (CDF). On Monday, Myanmar Army jet fighters dropped two bombs near Rihkhawdar village, just 4 kilometers from Mizoram’s Zokhawthar village.
The conflict erupted after CDF reportedly took control of a Myanmar Army camp in Rihkhawdar Village. The retaliatory airstrikes intensified the already heated exchange of fire on the Indo-Myanmar border close to Mizoram. Fortunately, there have been no reported damages on the Indian side of the border.
Champhai’s Deputy Commissioner, James Lalrinchhana, stated, “Fighting started on Sunday evening and continued through the night. There are also reports of bombing close to the international border, but there’s no damage on the Indian side.”
As tensions flare, Mizoram has once again opened its doors to refugees. Over 1000 individuals have sought shelter in Mizoram, with at least 17 persons, including women and children, being treated for injuries sustained during the bombing and gun battle at the District Hospital in Champhai.
The Mizoram Government, defying Government of India’s orders to close its border with Myanmar and collect biometrics of the Chin refugees, continues to provide refuge to those fleeing the army crackdown in Myanmar. The State has been a sanctuary for refugees since the military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, with Mizoram Minister of Information and Public Relations Lalruatkima stating that around 60,000 refugees from Myanmar and the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh are currently residing in Mizoram. The Government of Mizoram maintains that the Chin people in Myanmar share a common ethnicity with the Mizos.
This unfolding situation highlights Mizoram’s defiant stand to support those affected by the ongoing unrest in Myanmar, despite the challenges posed by geopolitical tensions at the border.
Chin Resistance routs Myanmar junta in second Indian border town   (The Irrawaddy) : Resistance forces in Chin State have seized a junta base in Reh Khaw Da, Falam Township, a hub for border trade with India, according to the Chin National Front (CNF).
Resistance fighters of the CNF’s Chin National Army (CNA), the Chin Defense Force and its Thantlang drone team attacked around 60 soldiers stationed in the camp at 11 pm on Sunday.
After inflicting heavy casualties, they finally occupied the camp at 6 am on Monday, CNF spokesperson Salai Htet Ni told The Irrawaddy.
“The terrain made it difficult for us, so the fighting was fierce,” he said.
A junta fighter jet that attacked during the battle reportedly caused casualties among Chin resistance forces, but details are still unknown.
“We took soldiers prisoner and seized both heavy and small weapons,” Salai Htet Ni said.
The combined resistance force is now attacking another military base in the same town.
The fierce fighting has forced thousands of residents to flee Reh Khaw Da. Some were wounded when the junta shelled a refugee camp in India, according to locals.
The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports.
Salai Htet Ni said the ethnic armed organizations were working with People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) to root out the military dictatorship.
They would continue their attacks to further weaken the military, he added.
Resistance forces have now seized border towns on both sides of the country after the offensive, known as Operation 1027, was launched by the ethnic Brotherhood Alliance on October 27.
The alliance, comprising the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Arakan Army (AA), has seized dozens of townships in northern Shan State on the border with China.
The resistance offensive has also spread to upper Sagaing Region, where the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), AA and PDFs seized the district-level town of Kawlin on November 6. Elsewhere, Karenni resistance forces launched Operation 1107 in support of the offensive, attacking junta bases in Kayah State’s Loikaw and Mese and southern Shan’s Moebye town.
Last Tuesday, the trade town of Khampat on the Indian border in Tamu Township was seized in a coordinated attack by the Chin Nationalities Defense Force, KIA and PDFs.