Woman leader questions purpose of troops deployment‘Kuki militants left free to attack’

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 14 : Claiming that State police and the large companies of Central forces being deployed in Manipur are unable to stop the aggression of Kuki militants let alone fight them, Imagi Meira has asked Security Advisor to the Government Kuldiep Singh to disengage the Central forces from Manipur and let the  people fend for themselves.
Speaking to the media at Manipur Press Club today, convenor of Imagi Meira Th Sujata questioned the purpose of deploying all the Central forces in the  State if they can't take action against Kuki militants and stop the violence.
Drawing the attention of the Security Advisor over the alleged failure of the security forces to deal with the ongoing crisis, she asked what the Central forces have been doing for over six months.
The Security Advisor should leave Manipur along with all the Central forces since  they have failed to safeguard people, Sujata maintained.
She continued that people have no idea what measures have the Central and State Government taken up to douse the flame in Manipur.
On the missing cases of Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit on July 6 and Ningthoujam Anthony and Maibam Avinash on November 5, Sujata said that the response of the Government  in tracing the students is not satisfying and added they (the Govts) have nothing to say other than about the arrest of some accused.
Does the 'double engine' Government mean running over the people and crushing them, she said referring to the BJP Governments at the Centre and the State.
Appealing to all Manipuris, including those at relief camps to not celebrate Ningol Chakkouba this year and extend solidarity to the displaced Meeteis, Sujata said that situation in Manipur is not appropriate to hold festivities.
"We are also Ningols and we too want to celebrate Ningol Chakkouba, but the situation is not right to hold any festivity," she added.