Don’t ruin the future of children : Ibobi to Govt

By Our Staff Reporter

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IMPHAL, Nov 14: Former Chief Minister and Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Okram Ibobi has urged the BJP Government not to ruin the career of lakhs of students who are the future of the State.
The 134th birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was observed at Congress Bhavan here today.
One main feature of the birth anniversary celebration was offering of floral tributes to the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru.
Speaking on the occasion, O Ibobi pointed out that the Manipur violence has been dragging on for over six months now and it’s time the Government put in sincere efforts to end the violence and bring a solution to the violence.
Ibobi said that such a protracted communal clash never happened at any point of time when the Congress party was in power.
Even though nobody wants it, the communal clash has happened but the gravity of the clash could have been reduced to a great extent had the BJP’s double-engine Government of the Centre and State worked sincerely to contain the violence during the initial days, Ibobi rued.
Jawaharlal Nehru was a distinguished leader and is also known as the architect of modern India for his immense contributions towards  development of India in all aspects, Ibobi said.
He called upon all the people to work together to realise the vision and aspirations of Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru.
Speaking on the Manipur violence which is now over six months old, the former Chief Minister asserted that there is no place for violence in a democratic country.
Saying that the Congress party does not believe in violence, Ibobi decried the Government’s deafening silence on the protracted crisis.
It would be prudent to hold a dialogue with representatives of both the warring groups, he said.
He also appealed to all the conflicting parties to forgive and forget all past misdeeds, and work collectively to bring peace in the State.
He said that a solution can be reached only when there is dialogue.
Saying that children are the future pillars of Manipur, the CLP leader urged the Government not to do anything which may jeopardise the education of children and ruin their future.
All sections of the society must work collectively to see that children are free from trauma.  
Citing the Government’s announcement that permanent houses would be built for the IDPs currently staying at relief camps, the former Chief Minister asked whether the permanent houses would be built at the native villages of IDPs or elsewhere.
MPCC president K Meghachandra said that the protracted violence has traumatised a large number of children. They have been severely traumatised and there are very few people to guide them.
Without a home to call their own, a large number of children have been staying in relief camps for over six months, Meghachandra said.
He urged the Government to take up all possible measures to ensure proper resettlement of all the children traumatised by the violence and currently staying in relief camps.
With neither the Prime Minister nor the Union Home Minister taking up any tangible action so far to bring peace in Manipur, the pain and cries of agony have filled the atmosphere, he said.
The ongoing violence is not a war between two countries but is a conflict between two communities. If the Government is determined to contain it, the Government has all the resources to control the violence and bring a solution, the MPCC president asserted.
With all the departments paralysed, the State administration has collapsed completely. People are suffering extreme misery and the State’s economy has fallen into a very bad shape, Meghachandra said.
He appealed to the Government to enforce law and order, resettle IDPs at their original places and restore peace in the State. CLP deputy leader MLA K Ranjit, Congress Working Committee Member Gaikhangam, ex-Minister M Okendra, ex-Minister N Loken and ex-MP Dr T Meinya attended the function, among others.