WMC sets record straight with UN

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 14 : The World Meetei Council (WMC) has expressed concern over the characterisation of the conflict in Manipur as religious and gender-based by the United Nations.
In a statement, the WMC said that various points outlined in the press release of UN Special Rapporteur such as the characterisation of the conflict as religious and gender-based, allegations of hate speech incitement, portrayal of the Chin-Kuki community as an ethnic minority, and its representation as the victims are factually inaccurate and lack  balance.
"Meetei is indigenous to Manipur from a historical perspective and the actual dynamics of the conflict reveal Meeteis as an endangered and vulnerable 'micro-minority' population in India,," it said.
Saying that the root causes of the ongoing ethnic conflict include drug proliferation and poppy cultiva- tion, human trafficking of Myanmar citizens fleeing civil war in Myanmar, and aggression of Kuki militant groups, the WMC continued that  some Kuki groups along with their political representatives and militant factions operating under SoO agreement pursue a common objective to establish “Zale’n-gam.”
Emphasising the crucial role of the United Nations as a neutral and objective international organisation, the Council urged the UN to re-evaluate its press release to ensure a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of the complex yet fundamental causes of internecine strife in Manipur.