MUSU urges

IMPHAL, Nov 14
The Manipur University Students' Union (MUSU) has advised organisations to initiate a dialogue with the Union when it comes to matters/issues pertaining to Manipur University.
Notably, MUSU's statement comes in response to a recent press note issued by the Kangleipak Students' Association (KSA) which highlighted various alleged issues prevalent in Manipur University.
In this regard, a press release issued by MUSU has asserted that the statements made by KSA in their press note has the potential to paint MUSU in an unflattering light.
It added that regardless of the veracity of the "issues" pointed out by KSA, if any opportunity for dialogue had been initiated with MUSU beforehand, then the truth of these issues could have been ascertained and deliberated.
MUSU also remarked that the Union, which has been appointed as per the mandate of the students of MU, will have more in-depth knowledge about the shortages or issues in the University.
Thus, MUSU has advised organisations to consult with MUSU in matters concerning the Manipur University in order to elevate the University to a higher level and help the Union in performing its duties.