In the stillness of night

Dr Ranbir Laishram
As the sun sets at the horizon
Darkness engulfs the green oval valley
And the night grows more quiet
And the stars become more still
When all the world is at rest
And mother nature in restful sleep
But her children have an eerie feeling
Of fear and uncertainty,amid ethnic violence.
In the dead of the night
Time ricks away slowly
For the mournful mother in relief camp
Who has lost everything
She lays alone in bed
Tears running down on her pillow
And a heart filled with grief
In all her searching for solace
She can't find any
So deep seated is the pain inside her heart
Although she says -
she's proud of her son's sacrifice for Motherland
Nothing under the sun
Can bring comfort to this mother
Who has lost her only son in the ethnic violence
So, in the silence of the night
When the whole world's asleep
This mother lays awake
In the ardent hope for her son's return.