A call for internet connectivity in hill colleges of Manipur particularly in Senapati District

I am writing this letter to highlight a critical concern that holds immense significance for the educational progress of our State, Manipur. Despite the recent turbulent times caused by outbreaks of violence and subsequent mobile internet ban imposed by the State Govt, the digital divide persists as a prominent barrier, especially for college students in the hills of Manipur. While residents in the valley have access to the internet through broadband connections, those in the hills are deprived of this essential resource due to inadequate infrastructure.
Access to the internet has become an essential component of modern education. It opens up a world of knowledge, resources, and oppor- tunities that are crucial for the holistic development of students. Unfortunately, many colleges in the hills of Manipur are still deprived of this fundamental tool.
The internet ban has hampered the academic pro-gress of students and limits their exposure to the latest educational materials, on-line courses, and research resources. It also restricts their ability to communicate effectively, collaborate on projects, and participate in the global exchange of ideas.
In today's interconnected world, providing internet connectivity to these colleges is not just a matter of convenience, but a matter of equity and inclusivity. It is a step towards ensuring that every student, regardless of their geographical location, has an equal chance to succeed and contribute to the progress of our society.
I urge the Government of Manipur to prioritize the installation of reliable and high-speed internet connections to some of the re- nowned colleges of Sena-pati, Manipur like Don Bosco College, Maram, Asufii College, Mao and Mount Everest, Senapati, etc. This endeavour by the State Govt will not only enhance the educational experience for students but also alleviate the Govt's challenges in addressing the economic blockade called by the Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA).
Let us work together to bridge our Manipur and create a more inclusive, empowered, and digitally literate Manipur.
Thank you
Yours sincerely,
Abina Ng