Rebuttal to article titled ‘WMC Decries’ published in Sangai Express on 2 November 23


1. Article titled ‘WMC decries’ published in Sangai express on 02 Nov 23 brought out statements of the organization ‘WMC’ unjustifiably accusing the Assam Rifles.
2. Upon reading the statements of the subject organization which has come in the wake of the recent incidents at Moreh, it can be assessed that the subject organization is totally unaware of the ground realities and the role of Assam Rifles in upholding the rule of law and working towards the restoration of peace in a non-partisan manner.
3. Firstly, wherein the WMC has stated Assam Rifles to be mute spectators with regard to the incident in both the above mentioned articles,  to set the records right, the following facts are brought out :
(a) The brave heart Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Chingtham Anand lost his life at the location Eastern ground near Moreh on 01 Oct 23, where the Manipur State police personnel were deployed co-located alongwith with a column of BSF personnel.
(b) Further, on the same day when a column of State security forces with 29 vehicles moving from Chandel towards Moreh was attacked by armed miscreants in Senam (Tengnoupal District), the troops of the Assam Rifles carried out a daring rescue in face of firing by the miscreants. The three State police personnel who had sustained gunshot wounds during the ambush were administered immediate First Aid by Assam Rifles troops and thereafter, were safely evacuated to the Assam Rifles Sector Hospital at Pallel where they received further expert care. Thereafter, the injured police personnel were safely evacuated by Assam Rifles troops to Raj Medicity, Im-phal for immediate surgery.
(c) Presently, Assam Rifles columns have been assisting the State police at Moreh in apprehending the unlawful elements.
4. Secondly, in the article published in ‘The Sangai Express’ the subject organization (WMC) has accused Assam Rifles of bias. With regard to this it is brought out that the Assam Rifles has taken action against rioters in an unpartisan manner and doesn’t look for ethnicity while dealing with rioters.
5. Thirdly, the subject organization has accused the Assam Rifles of attack on the State, which is inappropriately defamatory and raises a question on the motive of the subject organization to make such false accusations.  Such baseless accusations not only defame the reputation of the armed forces but also disrespect the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform.
6. It is highlighted that such misinformation as above, which spreads disaffection and is prejudicial to National integration is prima facie violative of Constitutional provisions. Further, the statement which purposely accuses Assam Rifles of bias, promotes enmity between communities is prejudicial to maintenance of harmony being sought to be achieved in the current situation and amounts to bringing hatred/ excite disaffection towards the Assam Rifles, an agency of the Government.
7. Apropos above, it is brought out that as a responsible and impartial news source, it is crucial to exercise caution when sharing content that can poten- tially damage the reputation of the law enforcement agencies and has far reaching repercussion on the smooth conduct of rescue and security operation in the State. Proliferation of such malicious and baseless figments not only deepens divisions but also distracts from the pressing need to address the crisis collectively under the wide ambit of the democratic setup of the Nation.
8. Thus, in the interest of responsible journalism, we encourage the media, to thoroughly investigate and verify the facts before publishing defamatory and false statements that may shape public opinion and perception.
Yours faithfully,
Staff Officer (Public Relation & Media) IGAR (South)