For Whom the Bells Toll ?

In today's social media landscape, it stands as an unappealing reality but both conflicting factions fiercely cling to their entrenched beliefs, leaving minimal space for a nuanced exchange...
This so-called war of perception breeds ceaseless cycle of endless debates (Argument and Counter Argument) devoid of any visible resolution, serving only as an ego-boosting spectacle without any tangible outcomes.
In the current context of "war of perception" on social media, individuals engaged in this conflict may not experience a cognitive conflict within themselves. This is because social media often presents an environment where people are exposed to information that aligns with their existing beliefs and perspectives, creating an echo chamber effect. This continual reinforcement of similar ideas and perspectives may not induce cognitive conflict between warring individual because it doesn't confront or challenge their established thoughts.
Secondly, the mainland people exhibit minimal interest in our enduring conflict, rather preferring discussions on cricket or Bollywood over the internal narratives of Manipur. The impact of this perception war remains subdued among them unless propelled by some sensational news that captures their attention. Therefore, the opinions remains contained within the conflicting parties, rendering it impervious to the attention of mainland individuals, whose focus is largely diverted toward other more prominent spheres of interest.
In this scenario, neither the physical nor perception-based conflicts can pave the way for a resolution unless our leaders showcase the essential political will and prompt intervention. Unfortunately, the absence of such determination and concerted efforts from our leaders to foster peace and restore normalcy remains a distant aspiration. Is the Government (both Central and State) stuck on the horns of a dilemma?
Allow me to wrap up with this final thought “Do we really reap what we sow or is it just a conscientious lapse while picking the seeds”.
Yours faithfully,
Vasudev Phurailatpam