The bubble of comfort zone !

Dr Ranbir Laishram
A sovereign tiny kingdom decades ago
Peaceful was our homeland 'Ima Manipur
Ruled by Monarchs with hearts of gold
Self sufficient and contended masses
Festive seasons all around the year
Rich cultural heritage
Peace and harmony among natives
Life feels secured and is peaceful
All living in a comfort zone
Having dwelt in a harmonious co-existence over decades
An unprecedented bitter wound
we have suffered, inflicted by ethnic strife,
Triggered by self interest and lust for power
Hidden and localised at the beginning
Then spread far and wide
Displacing thousands of families
jeopardizing the peaceful coexistence
Also endangering the state's integrity
A health and humanitarian crisis
Ever witnessed in the history of 'Kangleipak'
Life in 'Jeweled land' thrown into disarray
Is it because - we never thought about it and had no preparedness!
Or else,have we dwelt too long in the comfort zone !
It's now an undeniable fact that
We had an ordeal, a long agonizing one
The resulting scar, hard to erase from our minds
We have learnt new lessons
We are being born in a new kind of society
A society divided by mindless ethnic strife
Where a sense of insecurity prevails
A reality we all ponder !
Why is it - United we are very weak ?
Individually very strong and courageous !
The journey ahead is a challenging one
Let the voice of the people be one
And let there be thinking through the heart and emotion ...