Love and Wisdom"An ode to my Grandpa"

"An Angel, I lost,
The one who meant the world to me,
The one who cared, cared like nobody,
The one who cherished me like nobody.

The one whom I adored solely,
The way he embraced me with his love is uniquely profound.

The one who cherished me with his every touch,
To him, I poured my heart out,
The one whom I refer to as the peace of my mind.

Surely, to own such a guide was my pride,
The one whom I called my Grandpa.

From him, I learned Love, how it heals and conquers all.
He taught me the worth of patience and how fruitful it is to endure pain.
The value of forgiveness he taught, and even the bliss of hush.

And one day Almighty saw him getting frail,
And He called him home.
That day Allah (swt) broke my heart just to prove that He takes the best.