Call for dialogue : A pragmatic approach

Apropos the news item ‘Dialogue is the way forward…..’ (TSE 25.12.23.) the people of Manipur sans some hot headed Kuki Mizo Leaders are deeply disappointed at the failure of Central and local Governments to take any concrete step to bring to an end the Kuki onslaught on the Meiteis even after 8 months. It seems the Governments are hoping for a natural death of the unprovoked and unwarranted violence.
It was hoped that the 40,000 army and paramilitary forces would be enough to frighten the Kuki militants and subdue the violence. But it only encouraged them.
Government authorities say efforts to resolve are underway, but no visible actions can be seen. The Kuki militants are firing at will almost in a sadistic manner at the innocent valley people.
The unilateral violence is unfortunately being referred to as Meitei- Kuki fight. It is not quite so. The Meiteis never invade or cause violence on the Kuki villages, except in the few weeks at the beginning which was a panic reaction to the onslaught on them.
People are tempted to believe that the Central leaders are not very concerned and are disinterested in solving the problem.
Thankfully, Sri Himalay, Lt Gen (Retd) who has a vast knowledge of conflict resolution has put forward a pragmatic approach to make a beginning to solve the problem (TSE dt 25.12.23).. He has called for “a collective effort of administrative mechanism, security forces, civil organisations (CSO) and media…..”
Hope the political leaders will now take the lead and sincerely work to end the conflict.
Personally speaking I am at a loss to this day why the violence is being referred to as a communal clash between Meitei and Kuki. In the first place the demand of the Kuki is something which the former can’t decide and grant nor there had been any tension earlier between the two communities.
Yours  faithfully,
AD Singh,