Mizoram : Drugs worth Rs 956 Cr seized

Aizawl, Dec 29
The Assam Rifles in Mizoram has confiscated drugs valued at Rs 956 crore this year, reflecting a significant increase of over 50 per cent in drug seizures compared to the previous year. According to Assam Rifles data, the paramilitary force had recovered drugs worth Rs 330.93 crore in 2022.
In operations conducted across various locations from January to December 25 this year, the paramilitary force seized 33kg of heroin with a value of Rs 546.62 crore. This represents a substantial increase from the previous year, where only 1.5kg of narcotics valued at Rs 40.87 crore were recovered in 2022.
Assam Rifles seized opium, poppy seeds
The data further indicates that the paramilitary force confiscated 3kg of opium valued at Rs 1.8 lakh, 20.5 kg of poppy seeds with a worth of Rs 53 lakh, and 25.95 kg of ganja (cannabis) amounting to Rs 18.48 lakh this year.
In addition, the Assam Rifles also seized more than 12 lakh tablets of methamphetamine, amounting to over Rs 339 crore in value. Furthermore, they recovered 98,000 tablets of triprolidine valued at Rs 9.8 crore during the specified period.
Comparatively, the previous year saw the paramilitary force seizing 8.85 lakh tablets of methamphetamine worth Rs 289.83 crore and 1.9 lakh tablets of pseudoephedrine valued at Rs 11.88 lakh.
Assam Rifles recovered various contraband items
Apart from drugs and narcotics, the Assam Rifles also seized various contraband items, including areca nuts, foreign cigarettes, and liquor, primarily smuggled from Myanmar. The total value of these recovered items during the year amounts to Rs 96 crore.
On Thursday, officials from the Excise and Narcotics Department seized 835 grams of heroin and apprehended two individuals in the Mualzen area of Champhai district, located near the Myanmar border, as per an official statement.
The two have been identified as Lalngaihawma (26) from Nghalchawm village in Mamit district, and Lalruattluanga (28) from Ainawn Veng in Aizawl. The two accused have been charged under the relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, the statement added.
India TV (With PTI inputs)