At the crossroads of a new society?

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Where - Might and money power is the law
Law enforced has many new faces
Humanity has been abused mercilessly
One has the license to be brutally cruel
Voice of the people is choked
Speaking truth is a crime

Where- Some people thrive on drugs and jobbery
Gap between rich and poor has widened
Thousands are displaced internally
Chaos prevails in every sphere of life
Despite gunshots every now and then
Leaders say - "homeland is peaceful"

Where -There is mushrooming of CSOs
Leaders are born everyday
Infighting and blame culture prevails
Warfare shifts to social media
Lament of Ima Manipur

Do our leaders really hear ?
Are we in a new society?
A society divided by ethnic strife
Where self interest and hunger for power prevails
A reality we should know by now
We are at a crossroads ...

It is easy to sacrifice life
But to safeguard lives is very difficult
The journey ahead is an arduous one
With lessons learnt from the past
Let us undertake our journey with wariness
Let our mind be resilient
Endure pain with patience and restrain ourselves...
And  let us first Unite in our heads
And let not our heart rule over our head ...