Uncertain days for the newspaper Circulation the oxygen

Uncertain, very uncertain. Things are anything but rosy at the moment and at stake here are not only the journalists, the professionals engaged in the work of collecting information or report and making the same into readable news items, the Sub-Editors who give the final touches to the news items filed and prepare the pages assigned to each of them, the Editors who conduct the daily newspaper and the publishers who are responsible for bringing out the day’s paper, apart from spending many hours working out the marketing strategy of how to ensure the newspaper they publish strike the right chord with the public. Look beyond the boys and girls in the newsroom and one is instantly reminded of the technical staff who are indispensable in bringing out the day’s paper and this include the computer boys, the machinemen-the people who are responsible for operating the machines that print the day’s papers, the advertisement section which are in direct contact with the people who want to advertise their goods and announce certain important dates which may be of immense importance to them such as giving wide publicity to solemn functions like a shradha, the newspaper distributors or hawkers as they are known locally, are all related to the business of producing the day’s papers and making sure that it reaches the readers and the subscribers. Not for nothing is it known that Manipur is the place to visit if one wants a good story to write and which will strike a chord with the readers. A look at the number of journalists from other parts of the country visiting Manipur should testify this. Apart from this, it also stands that the newspapers here have been effective in highlighting issues which are of importance to the people and it is for this very reason why good coverage has been given to efforts such as the steps to check use of unfair means in the Class X and Class XII examinations, the wide coverage given to the anti-AFSPA movements coupled with the opinions expressed in the specified columns etc. Many times too, newspapers in Manipur have been carrying the voice of different organisations subject to the condition that such voices do not violate the code of ethics, a point which all profession carries. And it goes without saying that the oxygen on which newspapers survive and continue to dispense with its duties is circulation.
And circulation means readership. However when certain conditions are put on the newspapers which can drastically reduce circulation then it is time to worry for all those who earn a livelihood and educate their children while being engaged with jobs connected to the newspaper houses. This is the situation which has been brought about on the Imphal based newspapers and in such a situation the followed trend worldwide is job cutting, leaving many in the lurch. It is also important for all to remember that many of those engaged with the newspapers are in their mid-life and their age will certainly not jell with job hopping.  Uncertain future and to many who have given the best years of their life to the profession of journalism to bring the latest and the best possible to the readers first thing in the morning, it is unfortunate that such a situation should be staring at the face of every newspapers published from Imphal. As pointed out here, newspapers in Manipur have been at the forefront in coming out strongly against the excesses of security personnel under the shield of AFSPA, again it would not be wrong to assert that Imphal based newspapers played a major role in internationalising human rights violations, it played no mean role in highlighting the efforts taken up to check use of unfair means in the Class X and Class XII examinations and it, particularly The Sangai Express, has been at the forefront in giving the needed publicity to the demand to include the Meiteis in the ST list of the Constitution of India. And it is readership and circulation which enable the newspapers here to give the needed coverage to issues which are of importance to the people.