From 2016 to 2023 The jinx continues

The jinx it seems, continues. Dates and years figure prominently in this tale of ‘jinx’ and it dates back to 2016 the year the exam was held, then 2019 the year the said exam was cancelled and many who were already in service suddenly found themselves jobless after being in white collared jobs for nearly three years and then 2022, when a fresh examination was conducted. Then sometime in November 2022 the results of the said examination was declared and fast forward nearly three months or nearly 90 days and the successful candidates continue to be ‘jobless’ as no offer forms have been handed over. This is where another round of dates comes into play for it was on December 30, 2022 that a notification was issued by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms informing the successful candidates to collect their offer forms and submit the same by January 31, 2023. This was the notification of December 30, 2022 and just 24 hours later, that is on December 31, 2022 or the last day of the previous year, another notification was issued cancelling the earlier notification. Hope the figures or dates here do not confuse the readers but it seems it has been all about dates and years since the 2016 MCSCCE was cancelled and it appears that tale of heart breaks and disappointment of many continues with no further notification on when the offer forms may be had and when to submit the same. First the Manipur Public Service Commission committed a blunder, playing with the future of some of the brightest minds of Manipur meriting the cancellation of the 2016 examination and now it seems that the Government has some issue which is holding it back from handing out the offer forms to the successful candidates. Certainly not the way to recruit young men and women, who would one day form the backbone of the administration.
An examination carrying the importance of probably the most competitive in the State has been cancelled. A fresh examination has been conducted and the list of successful candidates has been announced. But still no offer form and surely here is a recipe of making a joke out of the recruitment process of young people who would one day  be the oxygen of the administrative apparatus of the State Government. Other than this, another equally crucial question is, who has been nailed for the fiasco that the 2016 examination turned out to be ? What has happened to the investigation that was launched to investigate the case ? Or is it a case of the investigation still underway with no breakthrough ? Or were the ‘players’ such powerful entities that none have been able to touch them ? No satisfactory answer has been furnished till date and this is something which is hard to digest. The understanding of the line, ‘long arm of the law’ certainly seems to have been clobbered for a big six in this case and this is a reflection that the people have been taken for a ride for too long. Name the guilty and deliver justice to the successful candidates.