No solution yet : Jairam

DIMAPUR, Feb 19  : Reacting to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio's statement that the Naga political issue would be his Government’s “top priority” and continue to be the core issue in the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA), All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary in-charge of communications and Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh demanded to know from the Chief Minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi what prevented a political solution in the 13th NLA.
Terming Rio’s statement as “irresponsible”, Ramesh asked whether they thought that 13 was an unlucky number and postponed it to 14 ?
He said “BJP’s slogan was ‘election for solution’, whereas they only want to create more and more confusion. I don’t think they want a solution, because the type of majority they have had, the solution would have been a reality if their intention was in the right place. They are interested in postponing and not clarifying,” he stated.
While pointing out that the Framework Agreement was signed in 2015 and election held in 2018 under the slogan ‘election for solution’, he wondered why the people were still talking of a solution in 2023.
Ramesh said that Prime Minister Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Rio were only interested in postponing and not interested in clarifying and getting things done.
“Sadly, in Indian politics, party commitment does not mean much,” he said and noted that there was no shortage of “Judases” in Nagal politics.
Ramesh further asked Modi and Amit Shah to assure the people that they will not touch Article 371 (A), rather implement Article 371 (A) in letter and spirit.
Pointing out that during the Congress regime several accords and agreements were signed like the Mizo Accord, Assam Accord, Tripura and Bodo Accord etc. which were made known to the public, Ramesh, however, said that the details of the Framework Agreement signed by Modi’s Government was kept secret and never discussed.
“We never knew what was in it, until the details started to leak, yet no official statement was made”, he stated.
He said that the solution should be based on maintaining dignity, pride, and diversity of Naga society, and should be a holistic solution, accepted by all Nagas.
“The only way possible to achieve an honorable political settlement, is if the Congress is part of the Government in Nagaland”, he stated and maintained that Congress was the only party that would protect, preserve and promote Art. 371 (A).
Claiming that Congress led UPA Government under Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was very close to a final solution, however, it could not be resolved as it had to be acceptable to a larger cross section of the people in Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, he said.
Further, Ramesh said that the mood of the people in Nagaland as well as the rest of the country was for a change, as the people were fed up with false promises made by BJP.
“In Nagaland specifically, people are fed up with the lack of water, proper roads, power supply, etc.,” he stated. Nagaland Post